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The Edinburgh Alexander and Therapy Centre has been offering Alexander lessons and workshops since 1994.

Courses Calender 2020

Alexander Technique Introductory Workshops 

We are unable to offer workshops at the moment due to current Covid restrictions. 



Alexander Technique Introductory Workshops


We are unable to offer workshops at the moment as a result of Covid. We hope to be able to offer them in the future as restrictions ease or online.

Understanding the difference that Alexander lessons can make to your life, and how they might help you, with your particular concerns, can be difficult without the practical experience of trying it out, seeing how it works and feeling the difference it can make.

These workshops will give you this experience and the opportunity to learn about the Alexander Technique. If you are thinking of taking lessons, the workshops will allow you to decide to continue or not. When you come to an Introductory Workshop you then do not need to come to the one-hour introductory lesson, you can start with regular half hour lessons. 

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Please note that for people who go on to take one-to-one lessons the introductory workshop serves instead of the one-hour introductory lesson.

Alexander Technique Introductory Workshops Next Dates:

Bookings By Phone or Email

First reserve your place by phoning 0131 225 4596 or by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and then pay by cheque.* Reserved places are normally held for seven days. Places are only secured on receipt of thebooking form and payment of the course fee. The completed booking form plus a cheque for £35* payable to The Edinburgh Alexander Centre should be sent to the Edinburgh Alexander Centre, 2b Clarence Street, Edinburgh EH3 5AF.

*Fee to be paid as deposit to reserve place. £10 is non-refundable, and no refund can be made if the cancellation is in the week of the workshop. The place may be deferred to a subsequent workshop at no charge and this may be done once only. Deferral in the week of the workshop is at the discretion of the Edinburgh Alexander Centre (Where a place has been deferred once no refund is possible.)

The workshops allow you to:

  1. Learn the basic principles of co-ordination and control that underlie movement and action.
  2. Learn how the basic principles relate to each other and are applied in everyday life.
  3. Begin to practically apply the principles to everyday activities.
  4. Experience the difference good co-ordination and breathing can make to your life.
  5. Learn a practical exercise for the relief of back and neck pain as well as stress.
  6. Decide whether you want to learn more through taking individual one-to-one lessons.

Bespoke Workshops for your Organisation

The Edinburgh Alexander Centre has a long history of providing bespoke workshops to large and small organisations, both in the public and private sectors, as part of training days or conferences. If you would like us to come to your place of work and present a bespoke workshop for your organization, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0131 225 4596.