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The Edinburgh Alexander and Therapy Centre has been offering Alexander lessons and workshops since 1994.

Courses Calender 2020

Alexander Technique Introductory Workshops 

We are unable to offer workshops at the moment due to current Covid restrictions. 




These videos have either been made or selected by us to introduce specific elements of the Alexander Technique or illustrate good use of oneself. Over time we will add both our own videos but also other illustrations. In the meantime here is a general introduction to Alexander Technique from us and two masters of poise and balance Fred Astaire and Don Bradman.

Introduction to the Alexander Technique

A short introduction to the Alexander Technique with Richard Casebow.


Don Bradman interview

Don Bradman was a man Alexander very much admired and in this clip from YouTube you can see why.


Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers - Let Yourself Go

From Follow The Fleet (1936). Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dance.