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The Edinburgh Alexander and Therapy Centre has been offering Alexander lessons and workshops since 1994.

Courses Calender 2020

Alexander Technique Introductory Workshops 

On the following Saturdays 10am - 1pm:

28th March 2020

30th May 2020

18th July 2020






Frequently Asked Questions

How much do lessons costs?

See contact and costs.

How long do lessons last?

The introductory lesson lasts for an hour, thereafter lessons last for half an hour.

How many lessons will I need?

This is very hard to answer without discussing a pupil’s individual aims. It varies from pupil to pupil according to what each person is looking to achieve, where they are starting from as well as their own abilities and commitments. It is best discussed with a teacher at one of our no obligation free consultations.

How often will I need a lesson?

This very much depends on each pupil’s learning style and what they want to achieve. The only recommendation that we make is that initially lessons for the first few weeks are taken on a weekly basis. Thereafter teacher and pupil decide together what frequency is right for the pupil.

Do I remain fully clothed?

Yes, you may be asked to remove your shoes otherwise you remain fully clothed. It is advisable to wear loose comfortable clothing.

How do lessons work?

See the page on how we work.

Who was Alexander?

Read a short biography.

What can I read?

  • F.Matthias Alexander - The Use of the Self
  • Michael Gelb - Body Learning - An Introduction to the Alexander Technique
  • Glynn Macdonald - The Alexander Technique: A Practical Approach to Health, Poise and Fitness

How do I find out more?

You can find out more by either coming along to a workshop or if you know you are interested in lessons by coming along to a free consultation.

Where are you?

The Edinburgh Alexander Centre is moving to 2b Clarence Street, Edinburgh, EH3 5AF from the 29th September 2013.